Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Beatles' Influence on American Fashion

This summer, I had to research fashion from every decade starting at 1900 and continuing up to the present. My favourite era(s) were the 1960's and the 70's, and I even did a little collection based upon The Beatles and really cool mod interior design.

What I noticed and think is really interesting about The Beatles' fashion is the impact it had on America. When John, Paul, Ringo & George landed here in the US of A in 1964, essentially, everything changed.
These men brought British fashion to America like no other, and fashion from across the pond continues to influence American design as well as Americans' personal style (I personally own a beautiful pair of winklepickers, aka "Beatle Boots," and I've seen them all around New York) on a very continuous basis. 

I found this article a nice read about some of the things I've picked up on, take a look.

First image from Flickr, second image of me in my vintage Beatles boots.

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