Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A "Mini Forecast": Power Dressing, Women in Television, Studs & Glitter - yet another 80's throwback?

So for Trendspotting, our assignment was to do a nice little mini forecast.
I've been looking through fashion blogs, news sites, WGSN, and even IMDB, and this board I've slapped together is a medley of a few things that caught my eye, that seemed cohesive:
WhoWhatWear,  Sea of Shoes and Gucci S/S 2012 are all in support of some sparkle and shine. The sparkly Miu Miu heels are everywhere! Seen on Francesca Burns, photographed by The Sartorialist. (Side note: The beautiful woman with the shaved head and sparkly dress, also by The Sartorialist) 
I also talked to a woman by the name of Niki Jepson on a street in Soho who was on her way to buy said Miu Mius, because she could not live any longer without them.

Studding, Industrialized.
Luxirare, Jane from Sea of Shoes again, a few people I met on the streets in Meatpacking, Ibiza, and Donatella Versace sport and talk about these babies. Go read Luxirare's post about them, the things she has to say are always interesting.

The Woman on Television.
Zooey Deschanel, Whitney Cummings, and Kat Dennings are all leading ladies in their own new shows. This article from the New York Times talks in further detail about this and reviews their shows if you are interested. Also, IMDB's top news directed me to this article telling me about how Zooey seems to be kicking..sigh, everyone's favourite television series (I say this extremely sarcastically. Everyone around me is Glee crazy it seems, except for myself. Just cannot do it, sorry Gleeks) Glee to the curb.

The economy in one of United States' shopping hotspots, seeming stable.
The headline from the LA Times that I put on this board may seem sort of irrelevant, but I threw it in because California is a place known for its shopping. The fact that it is predicted to not "slip back into recession" seems like a promising statement for all those fashionista-frequented stores.

An 80's Throwback All Around.
The theme to this board really reminds me of the 1980's power dressing and women's equality. Yes, I know that women have been "equal" in society and the workplace for awhile now. But I feel like when we (females) dress up, especially with flashy accessories that involve glitter, shine & studs, we feel pretty damn good about ourselves. I love to shop so that I have a variety of options in my closet, and so that I can feel great every day. I included that metallic Giles S/S 2012 number in here just because it kindof had that same powerful, 80's thing happening.
The fact that icons such as Lady Gaga for example have fused couture and the "unwearable" into everyday makes me think that we could be seeing even more women in the future dressing up just to run their errands. This whole power dressing, feel-good vibe is what I get from all of this.
What do you think?

A cute little New York trend.

I wanted to upload this little graphic I made about Frenchies, because they've been a big obsession of mine for awhile. I also notice how many people I see in New York that have them, and I've been trying to get one.

I haven't updated in awhile because classes finally picked up this week. As in way more homework and also more confusion because of the new curriculum. But not only that, for some reason last Saturday I was in bed sick all day, and Sunday and Monday it was wearing off. I feel like I'm always so worthless when I get sick, it's like I just cannot get out from under my covers.
Anyway though, I wanted to share the cuteness of my favourite little canines. Will be posting more later.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trend: Platforms

Platform shoes are definitely making a comeback from the 1970s, and these street shots that I've taken over the past week prove it.
Having a platform on a high heel, or even a more comfortable one, makes it much easier to walk in them, especially for longer periods at a time. I have a pair of sky-high Jeffrey Campbell Litas that have about a two inch platform on them and I was just walking around Soho the other day for about 5 or 6 hours with ease.
Having heels that are easier to walk around in for extended time periods makes hot heels and longer looking legs much more accessible for the woman who isn't a fan of walking in vertigo-inducing heels.

Here are some options that I've found on the streets of Meatpacking District, Garment District, and East Village:

Alexander Wang over-the-knee boots

Aldo platform heels

Pierre Hardy for Gap platform sandals

Unknown/possibly Topshop small platform sandals

Marni platform sandals

Unknown brand, platform sneakers