Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parsons Trend Spotting class Fall 2011 Final Project: Illusory

This was my final project for Trend Spotting Fall 2011. It is called Illusory, and focuses on use of space to create depth. Many contemporary artists use space to trick viewers' eyes, and this trend is extremely interesting and beautiful when applied to fashion.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mini Forecast, based on Jim Hodges show at Gladstone Gallery

Images from the show:

These images from the show made me think of the graphic, nature and space inspired prints that I've seen on garments, as well as the use of metallics in fashion.

Christopher Kane Galaxy print

Andrea Chaves shoes

Alexander McQueen clutch

Jeffrey Campbell shoes

After taking History of Design this past semester, I learned and was interested in the postmodernism/pop movement. The use of space imagery during this period was very popular due to the space race, and in America primarily after their success in reaching the moon. Space imagery was mainly seen in the shapes and literal interpretations found in product, fashion, and interior design.
For example:
Eero Aarnio's ball chair

Pierre Cardin's "Space Age Fashion"

Joe Colombo's Rotoliving System

Now that technology and media are much more advanced than they were 40 some years ago, space imagery and high-tech looking metallic surfaces can be made more sleek and less literal to the point of tackyness.
For my final trend forecast in Trend Spotting class, I focused on the illusion that metallics and the use of space (not outer) can create. I think that this relates, and as outer space imagery was futuristic in the 1970s, avant-garde looking silhouettes and advanced technology are quite futuristic for our age now.

If Jim Hodges type artwork, subtle influences from the past, and optimism for the future have anything to do with what is to come as far as silhouettes and prints are concerned, I think that we'll be seeing more garments such as these:

Proenza Schouler

Alexander McQueen

Sandra Backlund

Lady Gaga's space orbit dress (maybe a little less literal)

Elohim by Sabrina Goh

Proenza Schouler

Hussein Chalayan Bubble Dress

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WGSN Forecast

This is a forecast that I did for our WGSN competition this year in Trend Spotting class.
I chose the theme "Achromatic," because of all the lack of colour I tend to see around me, especially going to Parsons.
Composed of personal street shots, blog images, artwork, etc.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Once in a blue moon...

Continuing with colour forecasting, this is a board I put together during Trendspotting class last week that is based on blue/green.
I honestly chose these colours - a minty shade of green that adds to and metamorphoses with blue, leading into teal and Tiffany blue shades - because well, I love them and I think they go very well together.
In constructing the board however, I realized that this colour scheme could go very well with any season, and the blue/green shades I think can work in different economic times. Blue is serene and peaceful, and can be highly saturated to become something quite loud and upbeat, but it can also certainly indicate sadness or lack of personality.

Something old, something new, lots of neutrals and some orange & blue.

This past weekend I went home to Texas as a little birthday present, and it was a much needed visit. I decided to briefly interview one of my friends, Kaidon Ho, who is a senior at the University of Texas for Fashion Design, about what his ideas for colour trends currently and for the rest of the year are. Sometimes a point of view from another angle aside from the eyes of a New Yorker can be quite interesting.

His answers were quick and to the point: "Of course the neutrals, and orange and blues and greens. It's like colours that complement neutrals."

I had been noticing a lot of neutrals quite often as well, not only on runway but on the streets and in the hallways of Parsons, and even in big stores' campaigns such as H&M's "Conscious Collection" that they did for the spring of this year; it was based on the concept of sustainability but I remember the colour scheme (or lack thereof?) being one of the first things I noticed when walking into the store in May before I went back to Texas for the summer.

Kaidon comes to New York for spring and fall fashion weeks and interns for various designers. On colour schemes for some of the shows he worked this fall, Kaidon said "for Timo [Weiland there was] orange, blues, greens, neutrals and red. For Lela [Rose], yellow, grey, white, orange, and blue."

Neutrality seems to be an uprising of sorts in regards to many current events, and fashion provides an outlet for many issues, especially with the impact that the youth and street culture have on the industry.
Maybe we're all slightly shifting towards neutrality, with a bit of colour to complement just how neutral we want to become.

Here are some notable looks from S/S 2012 that show the popularity and execution of neutrals combining with complementary tones, particularly orange and blue:

I have a few photos that I've taken also that convey the idea of this "new neutral":
On the street in Meatpacking District, and the shoes of Karen Dietshe, a professor at Parsons the New School for Design.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Beatles' Influence on American Fashion

This summer, I had to research fashion from every decade starting at 1900 and continuing up to the present. My favourite era(s) were the 1960's and the 70's, and I even did a little collection based upon The Beatles and really cool mod interior design.

What I noticed and think is really interesting about The Beatles' fashion is the impact it had on America. When John, Paul, Ringo & George landed here in the US of A in 1964, essentially, everything changed.
These men brought British fashion to America like no other, and fashion from across the pond continues to influence American design as well as Americans' personal style (I personally own a beautiful pair of winklepickers, aka "Beatle Boots," and I've seen them all around New York) on a very continuous basis. 

I found this article a nice read about some of the things I've picked up on, take a look.

First image from Flickr, second image of me in my vintage Beatles boots.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inspiration Is All Around Us: First Post

As an artist and creative thinker, I find inspiration on a daily basis, especially living here in New York.
So I'm going to let you in on some things that really get me going, in little posts I'll call "Inspiration Is All Around Us."

This is post number one: Quail Eggs. 


I've had this recent obsession with M2M, the Asian convenience store/market on 3rd Ave between 11th and 12th. 
The last time I went, my roommate and I were browsing around, and she picked up this tiny plastic carton of eggs to show me. They were beautiful little quail eggs, and I immediately became enamored by their colour and patterns, and the fact that each of them is unique. Since they were only $2 for a dozen, I snatched them up immediately.
I've been using them in my ramen and to put on different little things. Last night I fried two of them and put them on a salmon burger that I was making for dinner. They're pretty delicious, just very small.
Anyway, I've been saving the shells to photograph, and the above photos are ones that I took yesterday morning. I think the patterns would look divine on fabric, and I find them so appealing and inspiring. I'm thinking about doing something else with the shells besides just admiring them, as they're sitting on my desk with nothing to do. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

Next time you're at the market, look out for these little gems. And check out M2M if you live in New York, because it is fantastic!